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In Greek Mythology, Iris was the messenger of the goddess Hera to mankind, and the personified goddess of the rainbow. For us at Iris Gold, it was the inspiration for the name of a jewelry factory, which for over 30 years creates unique creations in silver and gold jewels made with a high sense of inspiration and elegance.
Iris Gold was established in 1973 in Thessalonica, as a small family jewelry workshop.

In 1987 Iris Gold got its present name, and it becomes a larger, high-standard workshop, without losing its creative originality.

In 1999, and after a continuous presence of 26 years in Thessalonica, Iris Gold moves to Limenaria, a small village in the island of Thassos with an excellent view of the Aegean Sea and Mount Athos, a place that attracts thousands of visitors every year.
The unique aura of the island, along with the simple way of life of its people, was the motive of the transfer.


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